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This write up is meant to aid churchgoers to discern if they are going to church for all the good reasons and to aid in getting a faithful church to attend with loved ones and family members.

Sentimentalism and Truth Must Never be Mixed

On the issue of church life, there are loans of people who are led by sentimentalism instead of the truth. There are loads of reasons behind this; the sentimental bond with a building, a long lasting relation with a certain church or taking pride in a specific denomination. The integrity regarding to the docrtine in such cases is no longer taken into account due to the sentimental distractions. In such scenarios, people will honor their long-term traditions rather than God.

Avoid Churches that appear as products

There are individuals who approach church institutions like consumers: what programs are offered by the church? What kind of facility is it? Does the preacher make the congregants comfortable? How to the other people make one feel? In most cases, what people like and what they need are two distinct things. Churches are meant as Christ’s places that assist the needy in struggling to overcome sin and receiving forgiveness and mercy through the gospel.

Kids must not Determine your Choice of Church

The world today comprises of so many children cults. The home environment today cosnauat of kids of different ages who lack the right discipline and guidance. This has negative impacts on the church. The unknowing parents will most likely listen to their kids wants rather than nurturing them by directing them to whatbthey really need. While peer pressure continues growing, the young one will make complains about very long sermons, boeing service or very restrictive views of the church. Many undiscerning parents will honor the hound adults instead of letting God guide them on hatbthe young ones need.

This has therefore caused children to be removed from the worship services in most churches. The results of doing this are quite detrimental to church life. There is consequently a new generation of young people and children who do not listen to worship and sermons together with other people. The long term effect of this behaviour is an increase in anything organized or formal in matters of worship and in worse cases unwillingness to go to church.

Avoid Neutral Style Preference

Usually many people have stylistic preferences when it comes to church attendance. The Bible does not view worship as a matter related to personal style or taste. The Bible highly condemns self-imposed worship. All christians must take caution in ensuring that worship goes hand in hand with God’s word. The music must be in line with the truth and all liturgies full of the Word and all sermons delivered in a manner demonstrating power and the spirit. Personal preferences when it comes to worship does not play a part in making worship powerful or true.

You must also be aware of the personality cult. You must not follow man in a church. God will end a pastor with a particular calling to deliver a certain message. People must only love their preacher, pray for them and encourage them but in the nd they must know that Jesus is speaking to the through their pastor.

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